Illustration – Paintball Skeleton S.T.A.G. Group

STAG Paintball Group Skeleton Illustration Final

Client: Skyline Tactical Assault Group (S.T.A.G.)

Project Details: I was approached by Brian Wyer, a member of the S.T.A.G. paintball group located in the Winchester, Virginia area. Brain and his friends were looking to have a logo or mascot created for their paintball team (S.T.A.G.). The initial thoughts and concepts provided to me by the client was that his team wanted a skull or skeleton in paintball attire. I provided the client with this initial concept sketch:

STAG Paintball Group Skeleton Illustration Sketch 1

The client felt that this was heading down the right path, but requested some specific modifications. They wanted the character to be stepping out of their current symbol (a triangle-type of graphic). I then provided the client with a revised sketch:

STAG Paintball Group Skeleton Illustration Sketch 2

Brian and his team felt this sketch was exactly what they were looking for. I then proceeded with creating and coloring the illustration in Adobe Illustrator and providing the client with the final file formats.

STAG Paintball Group Skeleton Illustration Final

Testimonial: “Our paintball team was looking for a unique/original logo, so I contacted Aaron Riddle. Aaron seemed to read our minds and he took it from a very basic idea and brought it to life. It was exactly what we were looking for. I highly recommend Aaron for any kind of design work. The entire process was a pleasure.” — Brian Wyer, Skyline Tactical Assault Group

Final Thoughts: One of the only illustration projects I have done involving skull and/or skeleton related imagery, and I was pleased with the results. I think that if I was able to revise the graphic, I would make the skeleton bigger, more menacing and adjust his positioning so it looked like he was “bursting” out of the triangular graphic.

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