Publication Design – Converser for Healthcare Datasheet / Flyer

Converser for Healthcare Datasheet Final

Client: Spoken Translation, Inc.

Project Details: Spoken Translation creates and markets language translation software for different areas of business. This particular software version focused on the Healthcare field. In order to help promote the software to interested parties, I was contacted to design a datasheet (flyer) outlinining the benefits and features of the software.

I was provided with the logo for the company and the Converser software, as well as the electronic text in Microsoft Word format. The 8.5×11″, double-sided datasheet was designed in four-color using Adobe InDesign and provided to the client as a high-resolution PDF file suitable for printing.

Converser for Healthcare Datasheet PDF File – 1.7 MB

Testimonial: “Aaron is skillful, tasteful, versatile, quick and patient. It’s a rare combination, and we’ve come to depend on him for a wide range of graphic needs: Web design, product art and collateral. We recommend him highly.” – Mark Seligman, Ph.D., Spoken Translation

Final Thoughts: The datasheet is clean a uses a good amount of white space to communicate the information to the reader. The text is also broken up nicely between sections allowing for a quick read.

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