Logo Design for Social Roster

Social Roster Logo

Client: DMT Web Ventures Inc. (SocialRoster.com)

Project Details: DMT Web Ventures requested the design of a “Web 2.0” style logo to debut with their Web site, SocialRoster.com.  The Social Roster site can be described as an social online utility for sports and recreational leagues. Members are able to register their leagues, invite captains, accept payments, share their schedules and interact in an online social environment through e-mail, mobile text message reminders and Facebook.

The above logo draws upon the design trends of Web 2.0 – bright colors, reflectivity, glossiness and simple imagery. The social roster team was very happy with the final result, and you can see the logo branded over their Web site: SocialRoster.com

Final Thoughts: I believe this logo stands strong with other Web 2.0 logos. Very simple, but iconic and appropriate for the purpose it was designed for.

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