Logo Design for Pickles and Chips Deli & Grille

Pickles and Chips Logo

Client: Pickles and Chips Deli & Grille

Project Details: I was referred to Brian Snyder of Pickles and Chips Deli & Grille by a former co-worker and friend of mine. Brian was looking to have a logo designed for his new deli / grille featuring a cartoon-like pickle mascot with several cartoon-like potato chip friends. After working with another designer for some time, Brian decided to use my services as my experience with cartoon-styling fit what he was looking for in a company mascot.

Upon calling Brian and discussing the project, I provided him with a few initial character concepts sketches. Below are a few examples:

Pickles and Chips Concept Sketch 1Pickles and Chips Concept Sketch 2Pickles and Chips Concept Sketch 3

While these sketches were close to what Brian envisioned, he wanted the pickle and chips characters to be more “life-like” with hands, feet and other personable features. After receiving this feedback, I provided Brian with the following sketch:

Pickles and Chips Sketch Final

This met Brian’s approval. After fleshing out the characters a bit more, digitizing and colorizing them, I arrived at the final logo that you see at the beginning of this post.

Testimonial: “First thing I have to say is a BIG THANK YOU! Without a doubt you have made the birth of Pickles and Chips Deli and Grille successful.” — Brian Snyder, Owner, Pickles and Chips Deli & Grille

Final Thoughts: As I originated as a cartoonist (since my days of high school and College), being able to incorporate a cartooning style into a logo was fun and enjoyable. I am especially pleased with the way the chip characters turned out.  The logo still could use some lettering adjustments, but a designer is never pleased with his work and at somepoint has to consider the project complete.

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