VCCA 25th Anniversary Logo Design

Virginia Community College Association 25th Anniversary Logo

Client: Virginia Community Colleges Association

Project Details: The VCCA held an internal competition (between association members) to design their 25th anniversary logo to be used on their celebration materials throughout the year. The requirements of the competition were that the logo had to be designed in black and white, include the phrase “25th Anniversary” and had to include their current logo shown here:

Old VCCA Logo

My submission was chosen as the winning entry and appeared on the VCCA’s promotional materials throughout the year.

There was a prize for winning, but I honestly cannot remember what it was ($50 or $100 sounds about right). While I normal oppose logo design contest as I feel they dilute the industry and cheapen services of qualified professionals, this contest was different in that it was only open to a handful of members.

Final Thoughts: I still enjoy how the “25th” sits playfully on top of the former VCCA logo. It is balanced and well positioned. If I could re-tool the logo, I would remove the banner from the bottom and re-style  the “anniversary” text.

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