Logo Design for AT Integrated

AT Integrated Logo - Large

Client: AT Integrated

Project Details: Alex requested a logo for his Web development company specialicing in e-commerce and Web development solutions. In his words, the logo should project “high-end” technology services. The final solution I presented to Alex was the wordmark above encased with a circular swirl. The swirl surrounds the “ATI” emblem to reflect a play on “integrated”. The logo has been integrated into Alex’s Web site and business materials.

Testimonial: “I am very happy with the pricing, delivery times and quality delivered.  Aaron’s services fit my company and clients well.” – Alex Tchirakov, Business Owner, Developer, AT Integrated

Final Thoughts: While I like this logo and feel it represents Alex’s company well, in retrospect I feel I should have used a different “encasement” method for the wordmark. The swirl looks too much like an upside down Nike swoosh symbol.

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