Publication Design – Administrative Professionals Retreat Postcard

Administrative Professionals Retreat Postcard Final

Client: A Community College in Northern Virginia

Project Details: This is a four-color, two-sided postcard that I designed for my full-time employer (a community college in Virginia). The postcard’s objective was to promote an upcoming event targeting administrative professionals (mainly working mothers).

Electronic text was provided to me in Microsoft Word format and no other guidance was given to allow to use my creative freedom when creating the publication. I chose to use a strong magenta ink to make the publication noticeable when mixed in with the other mail it would be competing against. The magenta color scheme also helps show that the publication is geared towards a mainly female audience.

The final specifications of the publication follow:08-LFCC-194 Admin. Professionals Retreat Postcard

Printing Specs:

  • Size: 5 x 8″
  • Qty: 600 (281 to be mailed)
  • Ink: CMYK / CMYK (with bleeds)
  • Stock: 100# white glossy-coated cover
  • Assembly: Varnish if needed for addressing purposes (so addressing ink does not smear on the coated stock

File Specs:

  • Collected Adobe InDesign CS3 files, fonts and images sent via FTP or overnight disc.

Spring 2009 Administrative Professionals Retreat Postcard (1.3MB) PDF Icon

Final Thoughts: I think the color scheme of this logo is strong. I also am fond of the “juggling” treatment I created for the images on the front side.

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