Logo Design for Langford Home Sales

Langford Home Sales Logo

Client: Langford Home Sales (Natalie Langford)

Project Details: Natalie Langford of Langford Homes Sales contacted me via twitter to help brand her real estate company with a fresh logo. After meeting with Natalie and thinking about her philosophy as a real estate agent and home buyer / seller service provider, I kept coming back to the imagery of trees and leaves.

To me a tree / leaf represents growth, which is one of Natalie’s major selling points. Natalie helps her clients “grow” by giving them knowledge regarding the real estate market. Natalie is also an avid learner and teacher constantly seeking to learn more about the newest trends and ways to excel in the real estate market. Therefore her company is constantly growing in knowledge.

Therefore to me it seemed the most appropriate symbolism for the logo to contain was a leaf, tree or vine. Below were some of the finalized concepts I presented to Natalie:

Initial Concepts for Langford Home Sales Logo

I recommended number five for to me it was simple, yet memorable and powerfully associated her name with growth. I performed some final tweaks to the logo (adding a roof overhead to associate it further with the real estate market), and the project was completed.

Testimonial: “What began as a tweet turned into an exciting project resulting in a logo I’m proud of. I appreciate the interest in what I do, why I do it and how I do it. I feel my logo represents both my industry and my individual values. Thank you!” – Natalie Langford, Langford Home Sales

Final Thoughts: I really like how this logo turned out and consider it one of my current favorites. I am looking forward to helping Natalie apply the logo to her stationery and other display materials for branding.

Vehicle Signage (Update Oct. 15, 2009): Natalie recently had the logo imprinted onto her vehicle to advertise her business around the local community. I assisted her in making sure the colors transferred over correctly. Here are some photographs of the final result:



2 Comment(s)

    Natalie Langford | Mar 15, 2009 | | Reply

  1. Hey, Aaron! You did a fabulous job with the logo for Langford Home Sales and I can’t wait to start implementing some of the ideas we shared. It’s very difficult for people to remember a specific “boutique” business or recognize a name. I feel creating a logo makes the branding process easier and was certainly worth the investment.

    Soon, you’ll see the logo on my vehicle around Winchester! Be sure to honk if you see me!

  2. Aaron Riddle | Mar 16, 2009 | | Reply

  3. Natalie – It was my pleasure, and I will be sure to honk multiple times if I see you driving around. :-)

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