Illustration – Space Kids

Space Kids Illustration final

Project Details: This is an early freelance illustration from my college years. Due to the fact that this project was done when I first entered the freelance market, I do not have the details regarding the illustration (I was not yet documenting all facets of a project as I do now).  I do know that the drawing was done for a Web site in early 2001 for a client via e-mail, centered around the theme of kids who fight aliens in space. The illustration was sketched, scanned and then digitally colored using Photoshop. 

Final Thoughts: One of the earliest pieces from my illustration portfolio, it is still one of my favorites. Obviously there are many things I would have done differently now (such as creating the art in vector format using Adobe Illustrator), however I will go easy on myself as this piece was done when I was just starting out. :-)

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