Logo Design for Educational Foundation Campaign

Invest Impact Inspire Logo Final

Project Details: This is a logo that I created for an Educational Foundation’s fundraising campaign. The campaign started in 2007 and is scheduled to run through 2009. I was provided only with the text “Invest. Impact. Inspire.” to work with, and told to create a logo concept for the Foundation that would appear on fundraising materials, publications and solicitations.

Using typefaces already present within the established visual identity of Foundation, I decided to give the logo a simple treatment relying more on typography than symbolism. The idea behind the logo is that if you “invest” money in education, you can impact” a student’s life and therefore “inspire” them to give back to their community.

Given that it is a three-step process, to me the most important step of the three is the inspiration of students. To inspire someone is a powerful thing . . . therefore I chose the word “inspire” to be the main focal point of the logo.

Final Thoughts: The logo is simple, recognizable and scalable – three of the most important traits that a great logo should have. There is nothing overly-decorative about the logo, which is why I think it is a successful end-product.

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