Illustration – Two White Rats in Birthday Hats

White Rats Birthday Hats Final

Project Details: Every special occasion that I celebrate with my wife (anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc.), I make it a point to create a custom card for her featuring a personal illustration. This illustration was done for her most recent birthday card this past February. The theme of her card for this year was two white rats in birthday hats. You are probably asking, why white rats?

My wife is an animal lover. It seems as though every week there is a new type of animal that she is fascinated with and learning thoroughly about through her research online.

This particular month it was a special type of pet rat that she was in love with. I kept hearing about these super cute, intelligent white rats that she wanted to adopt from a rescue agency. Fortunately this gave me some material for her birthday card.

Final Thoughts: I always enjoy illustrating custom cards for my family and friends. Perhaps I should start up my own greeting card line. Oh, and to finish the above story we now have six special pet rats living in a decked-out cage in our basement. :-P

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    Aaron Riddle | May 12, 2009 | | Reply

  1. Gregory – I appreciate the comments! I am happy to hear there are others out there creating home-made greeting cards for their family and friends. You must have quite a collection from over the years.

  2. Gregory Schwartz | May 12, 2009 | | Reply

  3. Your illustration is very professional looking. I’m sure your wife and friends appreciate the time and trouble when you create your own greeting cards. I’ve been making my own Christmas cards since 1970. A few of my friends save every one of them! Every year I try to “out-do” the previous years card. I hate it when I have a deadline (like now, I have to mail TWO birthday cards by tomorrow morning, and I am NOT inspired at all!) I hate deadlines. Keep up the good work, because a home-made card is from the heart not the pocket, and your true friends will appreciate them. (The name of my “company” the logo on the back of the card is “home groan cards” isn’t THAT a hoot!
    Take care – Sincerely Gregg (in Sarasota)

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