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United States Postal Service Mailpiece Analyst

When designing many of the direct mail pieces that I do for my clients, one way to ensure certain trouble is not being aware of the many regulations put in place by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Fortunately there is a valuable face-to-face resource that I use which is offered for FREE by the USPS . . . the Mailpiece Design Analyst!

Make Friends with Your Mailpiece Design Analyst

The Mailpiece Design Analyst is an individual employed by the Post Office who knows all of the regulations and requirements to consider when creating a publication for direct mail purposes. When designing a publication in which I want to be sure will meet the requirements of automated mail and will not create unnessecary postage costs for my clients, I e-mail a PDF proof of my design to the Mailpiece Design Analyst.

Upon receiving the proof, they will then reply to me stating if the publication is “good to go” or if there is a concern that could result in increased postage or an un-autmoated mailpiece. I usually contact my Mailpiece Design Analyst when designing uncommon formats as I am aware of the general postcard and flat mail requirements, however they are available to review any and all types of designs which will be mailed through the Post Office.

Find Your Mailpiece Design Anaylst!

The Post Office provides a directory so that you are able to look up the Mailpiece Design Anaylst designated to your mailing area:

I have made great use of this resource and hopefully you will too! Post your other mailing tips in the comments below.

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