From the Sketchbook – A New Blog Category

Bear Sketches

For those of you who know graphic designers, I am sure you have heard many times about the importance of a sketchbook. A sketchbook allows a designer to let their ideas transition from their mind by flowing freely onto paper. It is the initial step that every professional graphic designer takes before they delve into a logo or illustration project. While sketching can serve as a starting point for projects, it is also a relaxing activity in that your mind (well…my mind anyway) seems to think clearer and allow new ideas to transpire

Sketching is Good for You!

I sketch all of the time…whether I am on the phone with a client or in a meeting. The best of my ideas have come to life while sketching. I also am adamant that I retain more information from a meeting while sketching, doodling and listening. In fact a recent study was released that backs up my theory (so do not be so quick to think us doodlers are aloof!).

From the Sketchbook Category

I am adding a new category to my blog entitled “From the Sketchbook”. In this category I will post scans of sketches and/or doodles I have done with a small description of what I was doing at the time (as well as my thought process). I hope this will give you some insight into my sketchbook, and perhaps inspire you to pick up a pen and start doodling too!

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