Photography – 2009 Commencement / Graduation Ceremonies Photo Shoot

Middletown Commencement Graduation Photograph 14

Photo Shoot Location: Middletown and Warrenton, Virginia

Photo Shoot Date: May 14 and 15, 2009

Photo Shoot Details: For the past few years, my full-time employer (a Virginia community college) has contracted an external vendor to handle the photo shoot of the two Commencement ceremonies held at both College campuses. It was decided late last year that the College would entrust me to handle all photographic duties for this year’s graduation ceremonies. I must be honest that I was anxious and nervous regarding this wonderful opportunity as these events are the pinnacle of the College’s academic year. With over 2,500 guests attending both ceremonies, the pressure was on me this year to capture the joy, emotion and experience of the event.

I am happy to share that both shoots went better than I could have anticipated. There was some unspoken competition between myself and a few other newspaper photographers who were present (each of us vying to get the best spot possible for several photograph opportunities), so that experience was a welcome challenge. The weather was also quite humid and since I was sporting a shirt and tie, I’m sure I lost a few pounds in sweat. The event however was a great success, filled with happy graduates celebrating a great time of joy with their families.

I took over 1,100 photographs during the two-day span, all of which I processed down into 400 or so album-worthy images. You can see my top picks below.

Testimonial: “Great job, Aaron! You were able to capture so much emotion on the faces of our graduates and their families. You’ve made me extra proud of what we accomplished and what we helped our students accomplish!” – Special Events Coordinator, Virginia Community College

Middletown and Warrenton, Virginia Commencement Ceremonies (click on the thumbnail to view the larger version)



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