Illustration – Baby’s First Birthday Party Invitation Illustration

Birthday Baby Illustration

Project Details: A long-time client of mine (wishing to remain anonymous for this post) contacted me to see if I was interested in creating an illustration for his one-year old son’s first birthday party. The client informed me that he and his wife wanted to place an illustration of their baby boy on the front of invitations to a first birthday party they were planning.  The only requirements the client had for the illustration were that their little one should be interacting with one of their pet sheep dogs on the front of the card. The client provided me with a photograph of their child which you can see below (permission has been granted to post this photo)

Baby Boy Photograph

Knowing my clients preferred illustration style (due to many projects we have worked on in the past), I was able to produce a quick sketch of his child next to one of his lovable sheepdogs:

Birthday Baby Sketch

After a quick approval from my client, it was only a matter of tracing the sketch within Adobe Illustrator CS4 to create a digital and colorful final piece of artwork:

Birthday Baby Illustration

Final Thoughts: It is always a pleasure to do work for this specific client as the projects are always fun and easy-going. I hope that the illustration generated some conversation among those who were invited to the birthday party. Oh…and Happy First Birthday to my client’s baby boy!

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