Publication Design – Educational Center Brochure

Educational Center Brochure

Client: A Community College in Northern Virginia

Project Details: This piece is a brochure (with a business reply card) that I designed to help promote an educational center in Luray, Virginia. The brochure’s goal was to raise awareness of the educational center to those residing in the surrounding counties.

I designed the brochure as an eight-page booklet featuring full-color photographs of the center and its students. Strong callouts are prevalent throughout the brochure highlighting the experiences of several people that have benefited from attending the center. All photographs within the publication were taken by myself as part of a “mini-photo shoot” when visiting the center in Luray.

The brochure was mailed to thousands of business and resident addresses.

The final specifications of the publication follow:

  • Size: 6 x 9″ booklet, eight pages
  • Stock: 80# Endurance Velvet Cover (white)
  • Ink: 4/4 (cmyk / cmyk), with bleeds
  • L-shaped perforation for the business replay card on page 6/7
  • Collected Adobe InDesign CS4 files, fonts and images sent via FTP

Final PDF File: Educational Center Brochure (1.4MB) PDF Icon

Testimonial: “I have received many positive comments about this piece! I just wanted everyone to know that we have had multiple inquiries (both telephone and walk-ins) based on the brochure. This is great! Thanks again.” — Manager of the Educational Center (name withheld)

Final Thoughts: One thing I always worry about when designing a piece like this is if the design will help influence people to take action. It is all about return on investment (ROI). Therefore the testimonial given by the manager of the center made me very happy. I like knowing that my work is reaching thousands and inspiring them to pursue educational benefits.

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