Photography – Baby Mockingbirds Out of the Nest

Baby Mockingbird in Winchester Virginia 1

Photo Shoot Location: Winchester, Virginia

Photo Shoot Date: June 30, 2009

Photo Shoot Details: Birds have a tendency to build nests in the most unusual of places around my home. Last year I found a robin’s nest under the hood of my mini-van, with three healthy baby birds! My wife cared for them and they were ultimately given to a wildlife rescue facility in the area. This year, a mockingbird has decided to make a nest in a bush right next to the fenced-in section of my yard.

Mockingbirds are a unique species of bird. Not only do they mock calls of other birds and insects, but they will dive bomb you if you get near their nest (I speak from experience). My three-year-old daughter and I witnessed the mother bird feeding her babies the other day, so I decided to grab my camera this afternoon and grab a picture of them in the nest.

To my surprise, the baby mockingbirds are now up and about hopping around the bush learning to fly. I managed to take a couple photos of the baby birds sitting in the bush curiously wondering what I am up to:

Baby Mockingbird in Winchester Virginia 1

Baby Mockingbird in Winchester Virginia 2

Also, the mother bird can be seen sitting atop my house waiting patiently for me to leave:

Mother Mockingbird

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