Logo Design for Footprints of the Mind, LLC

Footprints of the Mind Logo Final

Client: Footprints of the Mind, LLC (Irene Antonoglu) – Posted with permission.

Project Details: The client, whom I have done illustrative work for in the past, expressed interest in having a logo designed for her business, Footprints of the Mind, LLC. I had the client fill out a questionnaire, and learned that the business targets parents that want something more for their kids and understand that young children are capable of critical thinking skills even when they cannot read or fully articulate their thoughts. Irene also stated that part of Footprints of the Mind’s mission is to help create a safe place on the internet for little children. The client hoped for the final logo to evoke feelings of playfulness and professionalism.

Initial Concepts

In thinking about the company philosophy, I associated Footprints of the Mind with a few items: footprints (obviously), learning, knowledge, children, education, thought and the brain (mind). My initial sketches are below, along with the initial concepts I provided to the client:

Footprints of the Mind sketchesFootprints of the Mind v1

The client liked the idea of using child’s footprints within the logo and wanted to stray away from the “brain” images. I agreed and provided some refined concepts for review:

Footprints of the Mind v2

Ultimately the client decided on logo number two above, and with a few minor modifications (the addition of LLC to the company name being one of them), we moved onto the colorization stage.

Color Determination

In choosing colors, I settled with a bright and bold green and blue color (Pantone 368 Green and Pantone 299 Blue with an 85% screen to be exact). The blue and green make the logo brighter and bolder…an important qualifier when trying to attract parents in search of child-friendly material. Also, the color blue is said to elicit emotions such as peace, tranquility, calm, stability, harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence, conservatism, and security.

Trust is a big one, as the client’s company will be dealing with parents. As all parents know, trust and security is important regarding their children.

Footprints of the Mind Logo Final

Testimonial: “Aaron did a fantastic job with the logo for my business. He was able to bring a rough concept to life and perfectly encapsulate my company’s mission and target audience with his creative use of art and color for the logo.” – Irene Antonoglu, Footprints of the Mind, LLC

Final Thoughts: Irene is a terrific client to do work for, so I am very pleased with the outcome of this logo. I feel it helps mesh the “playfulness” of children, while still keeping a professional / business look.

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