Logo Design for Riddle’s Hedgehogs

Riddle's Hedgehogs Logo

Client: Riddle’s Hedgehogs (Christie Riddle)

Project Details: My wife often likes to take advantage of my passion for design. She used to run a very successful rabbitry, but has since decided to migrate over into breeding hedgehogs. Whenever she established a new venture, she asks for me to design her logo and promotional materials. Being she is my wife, I naturally charge nothing (aside from maybe a day to lounge around the house and do what I want!). Her only requirements for the logo was that it try to include the colors of brown, grey (hedgehog colors) and maybe a hint of purple (her favorite color).

Initial Concepts

My first step was to flesh out the design of the hedgehog that would be featured in the logo. I knew that using only typography in the logo would not work that well, as most people are not even aware of what a hedgehog is. Below are my first concepts based off of my initial sketches:


It was my wife’s preference to go with the hedgehog figure that was a complete silhouette. As I was not very fond of the concepts featuring the silhouetted hedgehog without the face element, I proceeded to draft some more concepts:


We both agreed that the final concept (the lower-right version featuring the hedgehog in white) was the most eye-catching and iconic. From there it was just a matter of applying the final color scheme:


The final product:

Riddle's Hedgehogs Logo

Testimonial: “Aaron did an awesome job with my logo design. I gave him a rough idea of what I wanted and he provided me with multiple versions to help me determine what was best for me. The whole design process went so smoothly and I ended up with something I absolutely love.” – Christie Riddle, Owner, Riddle’s Hedgehogs

Final Thoughts: I’m pleased with the end result. I think that the reversed silhouette treatment of the hedgehog figure makes the logo pop and catch your eye. The logo will also work very well when applied to a variety of items my wife may plan on using in the future (brochures, letterhead, business cards, merchandise).

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    Anne | Oct 28, 2009 | | Reply

  1. It’s a great logo! Heading on over to your wife’s site to check out her Hedgehog biz – how fascinating!

  2. Aaron Riddle | Oct 28, 2009 | | Reply

  3. Anne – Thanks! It is quite a business. Her waiting list is close to a year long. Hedgehogs are in high demand these days. :-)

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