Logo Design for Student Fundraising Campaign

Student Fundraising Logo FINAL

Client: Local Phi Theta Kappa Chapter

Project Details: A local Phi Theta Kappa chapter (PTK student honor society) at a nearby community college requested that I design a logo for their fundraising campaign to be launched in the fall of 2009. The premise and slogan behind the campaign is “Your change can change lives”. This slogan comes from a story told by the chapter’s advisor of how he collected spare change in a jar to help fund a family member’s College education from when she was born until she graduated high school.

The exact dollar figure he raised escapes me at this moment, but it was quite significant (thousands of dollars). Inspired by this story of goodwill, the PTK chapter hopes to influence community members to donate their spare change to help out local students.

Concepts: To help brand their fundraising campaign, I developed three logo concepts for the PTK chapter to choose from. In presenting these logos, I informed them of the five traits every great logo should have:

  1. It is describable
  2. It is memorable
  3. It is effective with one color
  4. It is scalable (works at any size)
  5. It is appropriate

The logo concepts were as follows:

Student Fundraising Logo 1 450

Student Fundraising Logo 2 450

Student Fundraising Logo 3 450

I then left it up to the PTK group to choose. They picked choice number one and will have the following logo imprinted on all of their materials associated with the fundraising campaign:

Student Fundraising Logo FINAL

Final Thoughts: The students were very happy and excited with the logo choices presented to them. It was very satisfying to see their eyes light up knowing they would have their own visual brand to apply to all of their fundraising materials. I wish them the best of luck and hope that their fundraising campaign is successful (and hopefully my logo design will play a small part in their success).

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