Veterinarian Portrait and Action Photos Featuring Pets


Photo Session Date: September 5, 2009

Photo Session Location: Washington, D.C.

Photo Session Details: I was contacted by Leanne Lipton, a local veterinarian with her own practice (Meridian Veterinary Services), who was interested in obtaining some portraiture shots to use on her Web site, promotional brochures and to accompany her published articles in professional journals. Leanne’s practice specializes in a holistic approach to treating animal family members combining traditional and alternative medicine (acupuncture, herbal treatments, etc).

I traveled to Leanne’s residence in Washington, D.C. and held a one-hour photo shoot in and around her apartment. The shots included traditional portraiture shots, candid shots and shots of Leanne performing a checkup on her pets. Leanne’s pets (two cats and one dog) were very cooperative and fun to be around. I think they had as much fun getting their picture taken as I did taking them!

Testimonial: “Aaron did a wonderful job on the photos for my practice. He was also very amenable to my schedule. The photo shoot was quick and efficient.” — Leanne “LJ” Lipton, DVM






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