Photography for a Men’s College Soccer Game (Fall 2009)


Photo Session Date: September 2, 2009

Photo Session Location: Community College Soccer Field, Northern Virginia

Photo Session Details: I was asked to take some photographs for a local community college’s various athletics teams this fall. This includes the men’s and women’s soccer teams, along with the men’s and women’s basketball teams (set to debut this fall). The first of these photo shoots involved the men’s soccer team’s first home game of the season.

The weather was perfect for the game and photographs too…sunny and low 70s. Being the first time I have ever photographed a soccer game (professionally), I found it unique in that the action and movement is constant, so you have to be quick to get the shot you want. With football and baseball there are frequent breaks in the activity allowing you some time to set up a potential shot. With soccer, the only breaks come when there is a corner or penalty kick, so you have to really anticipate where the movement is going and be patient to get the shot you want.

Oh, and taking hundreds of photographs to be sure you don’t miss out on something doesn’t hurt either!






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