Wedding Photography – Maryland Renaissance Festival Wedding in September 2009


Wedding Date: September 27, 2009

Wedding Location: Maryland Renaissance Festival, Crownsville, MD

Photo Session Details: Early this summer I was contacted by a client interested in having me photograph their September wedding. Upon reading the details regarding the wedding I immediately knew that this project would be one of the most fun and interesting photography jobs of the year. My clients, Chris and Augie, held their wedding at the Maryland Renaissance Festival . . . a recreation of a medieval 25-acre English Tudor village showcasing “an era of chivalry, bawdiness and good fun.”

The wedding party adorned costumes indicative of the era and met at the festival’s chapel for an early morning ceremony. There was an early morning rain shower, but by the time the wedding guests began to gather, the sun was shining through the tall forest trees surrounding the wedding chapel making for some good photographs. The wedding featured an appropriately attired cleric of the era to officiate the wedding, Cardinal Sinnius Vice, as well as harpsichord accompaniment by Gary Schwartz.

The wedding was one of the most unique ceremonies that I have ever been a part of and it was a blast to photograph. I will let the pictures below tell the story. I would like to thank Chris and Augie for choosing me to capture the emotion and moments of their special day!

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    Kristen | Oct 16, 2013 | | Reply

  1. Your photos are fantastic! I am shooting a vow renewal this weekend there. This is my first time at the Ren Fest as well as shooting a wedding like scene.
    Got any tips?
    Lenses to use, settings? I feel nervous and think my best bet is to stick with an auto setting instead of goig manual purely because fear of missing a shot.
    Any tips would be AWESOME
    I love your photos though. Fantastic work!

  2. Aaron Riddle | Oct 17, 2013 | | Reply

  3. Kristen – Hi! It is hard to give you specific tips, as I am not familiar with your experience as a photographer, etc. What I can tell you though is the RenFest is a wonderful place to take photographs. It is outdoors, so usually you don’t have to worry about off-camera lighting. Also there are so many different characters there dressed in so many different types of outfits, you are going to have a great time seeing many photographic opportunities. I usually carry two lenses or more with me, so if you have them, bring a zoom lens and a prime lens so again you don’t miss anything. Really the best advice I can give is take photographs in a place similar to the RenFest setting (a wooded area) leading up to the wedding so you know what settings will work best on your camera. Good luck!

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