Profile Photographs of a Hedgehog Breeder in Northern Virginia


Photo Session Date: November 21, 2009

Photo Session Location: Winchester, VA

Photo Session Details: My wife breeds hedgehogs. Once people find that out it usually becomes the primary topic of conversation. Apparently hedgehogs are in high demand in the Northern Virginia area, which I am completely fine with as it translates to sales for my wife’s business. Her waiting list is 80 some people long, so if you are interested you might have quite a wait. My wife tends to make good use of my profession, having me design her logo, develop her Web site and now take photographs of her featuring one of her hedgies (a term the breeders use…I didn’t spontaneously make that up). I’m always happy to help her out as she makes me fantastic home cooked meals, deals with my schedule as a photographer and tolerates my ranting designer personality. :-)



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