ABCs of Photography – D is for Dog


This series is part of an on-going 26-week project entitled the ABCs of Photography in which I take a few photographs each week centered on on specific letter of the alphabet.

D is for Dog – Kira Belle Prancer. Devil Dog. Stinkibus. All playful names I have given to this black speed demon of a canine. A highly energetic breed of dog (Schipperke), Kira once lived with us until my parents took her in (long story short she didn’t do too well around little crawling babies and was highly over protective). Since that time, Kira has become a great dog around children. She now enjoys living it up near the Chesapeake Bay running through fields and swimming in the Magothy River. She is one of the most hyper dogs you will ever meet, but also one of the most loyal and protective.






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