Photographs of Welders, Workers and Construction


Photo Session Date: December 2, 2009

Photo Session Location: Community College, Middletown, Virginia

Photo Session Details: The blue collar world of construction is much different than the office environment I work in most of the day. Visiting this construction site for a new building at a local community college, I was presented with the bitter chill of the rainy cold weather, dirt, mud, and dust as my working conditions…and I loved it. There is something refreshing about getting out of the office into the field to photograph people doing work much different than mine. My photographer’s eye was excited by the colorful, dangerous glow of the welding machine, the vibrant sparks from the saws cutting metal, the geometry of the steel beams…beautiful, artistic scenes that these gentlemen create every day. All the workers were very friendly and I appreciate them taking their time to let me capture them through photography. Oh…and I got to wear a hard hat too!






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