Christmas Portrait Photography of the DeHaven Family in Clear Brook, VA


Photo Session Date: December 8, 2009

Photo Session Location: Clear Brook, VA

Photo Session Details: Twitter and Facebook have turned out to be amazing mechanisms for marketing and making professional connections. I have established many meaningful, professional relationships with many of my twitter followers and Facebook friends. The latest being Rob DeHaven and family. I was contacted by one of my twitter followers and Facebook friends, Rob DeHaven (@SecureITee), through the Facebook chat interface inquiring about a Christmas portrait shoot with his family.

After sending Rob my costs for the shoot, we scheduled a date and I visited his house for the night to take photographs of his four year old son, wife and extended family (Grandparents and cousins). The DeHaven family house served as a beautiful backdrop for the photo session, much of which should be credited to the decorating talents of Rob’s wife. Rob’s son was a joy to work with and also exceptionally patient and tolerant while having dozens of pictures taken. I would like to thank Rob and his family for their hospitality and allowing me to use their photographs as part of my portfolio.

Testimonial: “Aaron came to our house to take pictures of our family for Christmas, it was a great experience. From the very start of the process, he was very easy to work with, professional and prompt. He was very patient with us, especially our 4 year old son. This was the first time using our home as the backdrop as apposed to going to the studio and we are very pleased with the results and will continue to use Aaron for future events.” — Rob DeHaven






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