ABCs of Photography – I is for Invertebrate (Hermit Crabs)

This series is part of an on-going 26-week project entitled the ABCs of Photography in which I take a few photographs each week centered on on specific letter of the alphabet.

I is for Invertebrate – This letter was a struggle for me. I thought of plenty of words…ice, iron, ink…but wanted to do something a bit more creative. The other day I was sitting at home thinking about all the unique animals in my house when our hermit crabs popped into my head. Then it hit me…Invertebrates. For those who do not know, invertebrates are animals without a skeletal structure. This includes crustaceans which the hermit crab is a species of. Our hermit crabs come from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Ocean City, Maryland. One neat little fact I learned while writing this post is that 95% of all animals on the earth are invertebrates. Interesting!

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