Event Photography – Mobile DJ Blacklight Party in Romney, West Virginia

Photo Session Date: January 15, 2010

Photo Session Location: Romney, WV

Photo Session Details: Ashby Embrey, owner and DJ for Part “Ay” Music, requested that I photograph a teenager’s birthday party they were providing DJ services for. The party was a blacklight party, and I knew right away this was going to be a challenge. Any hint of a flash or external lighting would kill the blacklight effect within the photograph, not to mention that there would be a great deal of dancing and motion within the photographs. As a photographer, light is your best friend and for this request I knew I would not have much of it to work with. The resulting photographs turned out fairly well in my opinion and I learned a great deal from this experience (ideas on how to get even better photographs the next time around). I hope to work with Ashby and his DJ services company again in the near future to photograph more of their events.

Testimonial: “Aaron did a great job. Even though a blacklight party is a nightmare for a photographer, Aaron was able to provide us with a tremendous amount of great pictures. We will definitely use him and recommend him in the future.” — Ashby Embrey, Part “Ay” Music Owner

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    Thatcher | Oct 13, 2010 | | Reply

  1. NICE! Those came out rad bro! One of my buddies throws a halloween party each year and this will be my second time shooting it. I wanted to do something different than last year. I just suggested the blacklight party idea. So, as I will be shooting it, what tips would you recommend? Too bad there isn’t a blacklight strobe…or is there?

  2. Aaron Riddle | Oct 14, 2010 | | Reply

  3. Thatcher – Hi. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad that you enjoyed the photographs. My biggest tip for shooting a black light party is having a camera with high ISO capabilities. I took most of the photographs at an ISO setting of 2400 and wish I could of went higher at the time (I since upgraded my camera so I can now). That along with plenty of experimentation while taking the photographs….such as bracketing your exposure settings. Obviously using a flash is out of the question as it kills the black light effect, so it is really dependent on getting the proper amount of light into the camera while still allowing the shutter to move quickly so the subjects are not blurred (unless that is the effect you are seeking). I hope this helps. I wish you the best of luck!

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