J is for Joharv the Cat – ABCs of Photograph

This series is part of an on-going 26-week project entitled the ABCs of Photography in which I take a few photographs each week centered on on specific letter of the alphabet.

J is for Joharv the Cat – I will start by saying up front that I am not a cat person. Joharv is my wife’s cat and he came along with her as part of getting married. However, if I was a cat person, Joharv would certainly be the type of cat I would have. He is a breed of bengal and is one of the absolute most friendliest cats you will ever meet. He even knows how to do a few tricks (sit, up and fetch). The interesting thing about these photographs to me is that they seem to exhibit his “bengal” side…almost tiger-like in a way. He is a beautiful breed of animal…cat fan or not.

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