2010-11 Community College Catalog Cover Design

Client: A Community College in Northern Virginia

Project Details: This year the college that I work for decided they wanted to come up with something unique and different for its catalog cover design. In the past the cover has usually been one, large eye catching photo taken at one of the campuses.

During a brainstorm meeting we decided that it would be great to showcase 20-25 different students from each of the three college locations. On the front we would feature a normal headshot of the student, while on the back cover we would show a photograph of the student taken from behind (giving the catalog a nice effect if you flip it over). To further help spotlight the college itself, the students were asked to finish the statement “LFCC is . . . ” with a short sentence which would accompany their back photo.

With the help of the Student Life Office, I traveled to each college location and met with each student to take their picture. Each student was very friendly and excited to be a part of the project…one of the main reasons this project was so fun! The final printed catalog arrived this week and students, employs and faculty are really excited about the cover.

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