Portrait Photography – Tommy and Christian, Winchester, VA

The Date: August 10, 2010

The Location: Sherando Park, Stephens City, VA

The Details: Nichole, mother of Tommy and Christian, wanted to do something different for portraits of her children. Growing tired of the “same ole, same ole” from standard department store portrait studios, she contacted me to take photographs of her children. I suggested we take the photos at a park where the children could play and be themselves, which would help me capture their true personalities. The session went great, and both Tommy and Christian were awesome to work with. We all had tons of fun, even in the upper 90-degree temperatures!

The Testimonial: “I am very pleased with the way Aaron worked with my boys. He was so patient and made it a very fun photo session for them. Normally I would be stressed out trying to get them to smile but he was able to get all of these awesome photos and keep all of us happy at the same time. He was fantastic about letting me know when and what was happening with my pictures. He also works very hard to get everything to you as quickly as possible. I am so impressed I will be contacting Aaron for future family portraits and will never go to the photo studios at department stores again. – Nichole

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