Wedding Photography – Bill and Stacy in Winchester, VA

Location and Date: The Nancy Shepherd House Inn Bed and Breakfast; Winchester, VA; October 2010

The Details: There were four people present at Bill and Stacy’s wedding…Bill, Stacy, the officiant and myself. Held at the historic Nancy Shepherd House in Old Town Winchester, the bed and breakfast served as an intimate setting for a special moment shared by a special couple. Growing up as childhood friends and eventually falling in love with one another via a long-distance relationship, Bill and Stacy used Winchester as their meeting point for several years to spend time together. They chose to be married in Winchester with no guests…only someone to perform the ceremony and someone to document the day through photographs. I was honored that they chose me to share this moment with them.

Testimonial: “You were a part of our time together but didn’t interrupt our intimate moments. I appreciated your ideas for the photos you took. You captured the romance and emotion of our private day. The best compliment I can give to you, Aaron, is when Billy and I recite our vows again for our families – I’d love for you to be there taking the photos!– Stacy Merrill

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    Ree | Dec 6, 2010 | | Reply

  1. What a neat idea!

    Congratulations, Bill and Stacy!

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