Portrait Photography – Magazine Cover Photographs of Carlton Phillips and the Prince William Marine

Location and Date: Prince William Marine – Woodbridge, VA – October 2010

The Details: Boating Industry is the most reputable magazine when it comes to boat dealers and buyers. Therefore I was honored that I was referred to them by a friend to take a photograph for the cover of a commemorative issue. Carlton Phillips and the Price William Marine staff were named the number 1 dealer of the year for 2010. Boating Industry requested that I discreetly visit Mr. Phillips and take his photograph for use on the cover of the commemorative issue. Mr. Phillips was awesome and gave me a thorough tour of his facility as we stopped here and there for some different shots.

Testimonial: “In the magazine business we are always short on time and Aaron was able to work within our budget for the shoot and was always easy to get in touch with. He was also available on short notice and understood the shoot was a sensitive one, that needed to be handled as confidential. I received the final pictures shortly after the shoot and was very happy with the quality and quantity of photos. The different angles and locations Aaron chose to shoot him at were fantastic. At our event, Mr. Phillips approached me and had nothing but good things to say about Aaron and how he made the shoot painless and easy. That is greatly appreciated.” – Dodi Vessels, Boating Industry Magazine

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    The Good Boat Shop Marine Chandlery | Feb 1, 2011 | | Reply

  1. Some great photos, and the boats look very nice too! I never seem to get the backgrounds quite right when I try those sorts of shots, it always seems a little too sharp and distracting. Practice I guess!

  2. Aaron Riddle | Feb 2, 2011 | | Reply

  3. Thanks! I appreciate it…and yup…practice makes perfect :)

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