Portrait Photography – DJ and Alicia – Baby Announcement at Christmas

Location and Date: Old Town Winchester, VA – December 2010

The Details: I met DJ and Alicia on Twitter, which is awesome because I probably never would of met them otherwise. I had been trading tweets back and forth about sports and the TV show 24 with DJ for a year or so, and he even referred some photography work to me, so I was thrilled when he and his wife wanted me to take their photos. We hung out in downtown Winchester for an hour during one afternoon. It was pretty cold, but when your having fun you don’t mind the chilly temps!

Testimonial: “From start to finish, Aaron was a treat to deal with. He’s extremely organized, professional and knows how to create a great photo. Our portrait session couldn’t have gone any better or been more fun. Bottomline: Stop worrying. Hire him for your next event or family portrait session. You won’t be sorry.” – DJ Lein

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