Logo Design – The Quest

Client: Anderson Fitness Solutions

Project Details: A logo design for a fitness program entitled “The Quest”.

The client gave me the initial brief to work with:

“The exerciser is the individual setting out on the journey.  Once they begin “The Quest”, they will be tied to a points system which will determine when they are able to attempt an exercise challenge that will get them to the next level.  They receive points for completing workouts and additional points for successful completion of the challenges.  If they fail the complete a challenge successfully, they will lose points and have to re-earn them in order to attempt the challenge again.  To help recover from fatigue and repetitive stress, corrective exercise and mobility programs will be incorporated throughout. When I think of a quest, I picture someone (a knight, perhaps?) in medieval times setting out on a journey, overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way in order to complete a task.  Before they head out, they prepare themselves physically for what they may endure along the way.  Since they will need to remain lean on their quest, they are not able to carry tons of weapons/tools.  They travel light.” 

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