Wedding Photography – Coady and Stephanie in Chantilly, VA

Location and Date: Ceremony – St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church | Reception – Chantilly National Golf and Country Club

The Details: Many brides and grooms hold their wedding receptions at local country clubs because of their scenic grounds. It’s an added bonus when that country club will let you drive around the golf course taking photographs anywhere you want. That is how it went on Coady and Stephanie’s wedding day. After their ceremony at the church, one of the employees of the Chantilly National Golf and Country Club led the bridal party around on golf karts taking us anywhere I thought would make a nice spot for photographs. The country clubs flexibility to help assist me in getting the photos I wanted for Coady and Stephanie was much appreciated!

Testimonial: “Aaron is a professional and talented photographer. He wont nickel and dime you with hidden extras or costs like some other photographers do. He was able to capture amazing candid photos as well as posed shots and if I had to do my wedding all over again I would pick him again as the photographer. Working with him was a pleasant experience and was incredibly easy- probably the smoothest aspect of our wedding! Pick Aaron!” – Stephanie T.

Click on the photographs below to view the larger version.

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    Joey G. | Oct 19, 2011 | | Reply

  1. Very good gallery I especially like the shot of his watch.

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