Category: Special Projects

Photo Retouching Services in Winchester, VA »

I also provide old photograph scanning and retouching services in Winchester, Virginia.

Pre-Storm Clouds in Winchester, Virginia »

A photograph taken of pre-storm clouds during a sun set in Winchester, Virginia.

M is for Map »

Photograph of a large map taken at the Health Professions Building of Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia.

L is for Light at a Construction Site »

Light fixture photographs showing different lamps illuminating a dark industrial area taken at a construction site.

Last Exit »

Photo of an exit sign in a stair well in Baltimore City (Maryland).

Antique Pharmacy Cash Register »

Photograph of an antique cash register taken at a private university’s donated historical Pharmacy exhibit.

College Professor and Students in the Library »

A college professor discusses leadership education and style with two of her students.

J is for Joharv the Cat – ABCs of Photograph »

Photographs of a bengal cat named Joharv taken for the letter J as part of a 26 week ABCs of photography project.