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Landscape Photography – Sunrise at the Nags Head Fishing Pier »

Sunrise photographs of the Nags Head Fishing Pier in Nags Head, North Carolina.

Wedding Photography – Joel and Beth’s Catholic Wedding in Woodbridge, VA »

Photographs of Joel and Beth’s Roman Catholic wedding ceremony and reception in Woodbridge, VA (November 2013).

Wedding Photography – Jonothan and Cora in Savage, MD »

Photographs of Jonothan and Cora’s wedding and reception in Savage, MD during February 2013.

A Photo Tribute to Water – Blog Action Day 2010 »

A musical slideshow showcasing some of my photographs made possible by the water that covers our planet.

2010-11 Community College Catalog Cover Design »

Design of a 2010-11 Community College Catalog Cover featuring multiple student photographs from the front and back with included testimonials.

Logo Design for Student Fundraising Campaign »

A logo design created for a local Phi Theta Kappa chapter (PTK student honor society) at a nearby community college to be used in their fundraising campaign entitled “Your Change Can Change Lives”.

From the Sketchbook: Baghead Sports Jersey Guy Cartoon »

This sketch was spurred initially by the football fans that wear bags on their heads when their teams are horrible (Saints fans, I’m looking at you). That is where the bag head and sports jersey portion of the sketch originates from. I wanted to put something in the character’s hand, and the broom was the first thing that came to mind.