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"Aaron did an amazing job that exceeded our expectations! The quality of the photography truly captured the amazing moments, and we will forever be able to relive the excitement through Aaron's work." – Stephen and Laura S.
"From the very beginning, we could tell that Aaron is very passionate about photography. Combine that with his professionalism and you have a recipe for greatness." - Nick and Jillian
"Aaron captured our engagement and wedding perfectly! There was not one moment missed from our wedding that did not end up in one of his photographs. He is extremely progressive and easy going, creative and open to suggestions and willing to take any ideas you have and make them a reality. I will recommend him to everyone I know!" – Lauren K.
“Aaron is an INCREDIBLE photographer! I highly recommend you go with him if you want the most unique, creative and absolutely stunning pictures. He will give you the best photographs you have truly ever seen!” – Patrick and Kathryn N.
"The photos are beautiful! Thank you for doing such an awesome job of capturing our wedding day! I definitely plan to recommend you to friends/family who are looking for a photographer." – Cheryl K.
"Aaron is a pro. I cannot say enough about his professionalism and creative talent. He is a joy to work with. Aaron is one person that manages to be everywhere and is also invisible. He got photos of every aspect of our wedding and we will cherish them forever. Thank you for everything, Aaron. You are amazing at what you do!" - Evan and Sarah
"Aaron did such a fantastic job on both our wedding photos and engagement photos. He was always very friendly and answered emails back quickly. Friends and family have referred to him as a "ninja" He was always on the move, he made sure to get shots of all the guests and of all of the events that were going on, but did not draw attention to himself. I would absolutely recommend Aaron to anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer!" - Lindsay S.

My name is Aaron Riddle and I am a professional wedding photographer serving Winchester, VA and Washington D.C. specializing in modern and candid wedding photography.

As a wedding photographer my style is unobtrusive, friendly photojournalism. I capture the spontaneous smiles, people living in the moment and details of your day as they naturally unfold. Your job is to relax and enjoy your wedding! My job is to document it for you to relive forever.

Make yourself at home and view my work, get in touch with me or read my blog below.

Wedding Photography in Berryville, VA – Bret and Heather


Location and Date: Ceremony – Saint Bridget of Ireland Church, Berryville, VA | Reception – John Enders Fire Hall, Berryville, VA

The Details: Bret and Heather had super nice weather for their engagement session back in August of 2015, so I was hoping that they would be blessed with just as nice weather for their late April wedding. While it was not a stellar day weather-wise, it was nice enough to not complain about…and the rain held off until everyone was safe indoors having a great time at the reception.

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Jewish Wedding Photography at Catering by Uptown (The Villa)


Location and Date: Catering by Uptown – The Villa | April 2016

The Details: Through all the years that I have been a wedding photographer, I oddly enough have never had the opportunity to photograph a Jewish wedding. Bill and Marla’s wedding day changed that as they had a wedding ceremony with traditional Jewish customs and practices, including the signing of the Ketubah, the drinking of wine during the ceremony and the breaking of a glass. Of course no Jewish wedding would be complete without the traditional reception dance known as the Hora (you know the one…where the bride and groom get raised up in chairs!), which was an absolute blast to be a part of!

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Fauquier Springs Country Club Wedding Photography – Sang and Cheryl


Location and Date: Fauquier Springs Country Club, Warrenton, VA | March 2016

The Details: Cheryl was a roommate of my sister-in-law who had heard about my wedding photography through the grapevine. So once she and Sang got engaged, she reached out in hopes that I could do her wedding (which I did!). This was my first time at FSCC in Warrenton and it was a gorgeous venue for Sang and Cheryl’s wedding, especially since the weather was stellar for a late March afternoon.

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Engagement Photography – Kevin and Allison in Alexandria, VA


Location and Date: Downtown Alexandria, VA | January 2016

The Details: The best time for casual photo sessions like engagement photography falls during the early morning hours and the late evening hours. This is when the light is the most soft and easiest to work with (also known as the Golden Hour). Being an early bird myself, I love getting up early and taking photographs when my clients are willing to get up early as well. Kevin and Allison were one of those couples, willing to meet me on the docks of Alexandria, Virginia shortly after 7:30 a.m. for an early morning engagement session!

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Wedding Photography at the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, VA


Location and Date: Hotel Monaco, Alexandria, VA | November 2015

The Details: Jeff and Kathleen’s wedding in 2012 was a blast to photograph…one of my favorites from that year. So when Jeff’s sister Sara contacted me to photograph her wedding, I quickly checked my calendar to see if it was open on her requested date as I did not want to miss out on having a good time with this family again. Thankfully my calendar was open and I locked in the date for Sara and Patrick. While the weather wasn’t the best, a great time was had by all, especially by the ring dog, Donnie!

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Engagement Photos at Skyline Drive with Matt and Paulina


Location and Date: Shenandoah National Park | October 2015

The Details: Mid to late October is prime time for taking photographs in the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley. The leaves change into brilliant, beautiful colors and people come from all over the country to see the breathtaking landscapes that result from the colorful foliage. It is also a perfect place to have your engagement photographs taken! Matt and Paulina were lucky enough to contact me just in time to get a final spot on my calendar for their engagement photographs in this beautiful setting.

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Family Portrait Photography at Shenandoah National Park with Shane and Amanda


Location and Date: Shenandoah National Park | October 2015

The Details: One of the cool things about being a wedding photographer is you get to see your client’s lives progress as the years tick by. I did Shane and Amanda’s wedding a few years ago, and did their engagement session at this exact same location back in 2011. So a few years later here we were again, but this time there was another little one tagging along for some family portrait photographs!

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Engagement Photography at Shenandoah National Park with Evan and Sarah


Location and Date: Shenandoah National Park | October 2015

The Details: One of the weddings I am most looking forward to in 2016 is that of Evan and Sarah’s. Evan is the brother of Allie, whose engagement session and wedding I did in previously, and I have known Sarah for a long time from my work at LFCC. We met at Skyline Drive during the peak time for the beautiful autumn foliage and had a wonderful evening during the golden hour walking around and taking photographs.

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