Lizard Sunning Itself in the Autumn Sun »

Photograph of a lizard getting warm in the sun on a nice autumn afternoon.

Animal Photography – Sniffers the Holland Lop in the Evening »

Photographs of an adorable Holland Lop on a warm summer evening.

Nature Photography – Squirrely Squirrel »

Photograph of a squirrel I took in Leesburg, VA during an engagement session (November 2013).

Animal Photography – Dusty the Dog »

Pet Portrait Photograph of Dusty the Dog.

Animal Photography – Hedgehog in the Fall »

Photographs of a hedgehog in fall foliage / leaves taken in Winchester, VA.

A Russian Tortoise Enjoying a Sunny Day »

Photographs of one of our pet russian tortoises enjoying a sunny spring day in Winchester, Virginia.

J is for Joharv the Cat – ABCs of Photograph »

Photographs of a bengal cat named Joharv taken for the letter J as part of a 26 week ABCs of photography project.

ABCs of Photography – H is for Hedgehog »

Photographs of African Pygmy Hedgehogs representing the letter H as part of my ABCs of Photography project.