ABCs of Photography – B is for Bunny »

Photographs of my giant pet bunny (a flemish giant rabbit) for the letter B – part of an on-going 26-week project in which I take a few photographs each week centered on on specific letter of the alphabet.

From the Sketchbook – Angry Twitter Bird »

There seems to be a lot of ranting and venting that goes on via Twitter. I know I see many-a-tweet from those I follow ranting about computer problems, political issues and everyday annoyances. This sketch of a twitter bird reflects that mindset when rant-a-tweeting (new term!).

From the Sketchbook – Sleepless Haunted Owl »

It was raining outside and for some reason I was having thoughts of Halloween and haunted landscape scenery, which explains the backdrop here. The owl character popped into my head out of nowhere, and it really reminds me of a rejected McDonalds fry kid / fry guy.

From the Sketchbook – Frog and Laughing Fly »

A quick, colorful cartoon/sketch of a frog who would rather be elsewhere than near a talkative, energetic and annoying fly.