Portrait Photography – Community College Police Department »

Portrait photographs of a Virginia community college police officer taken in October 2010.

2010-11 Community College Catalog Cover Design »

Design of a 2010-11 Community College Catalog Cover featuring multiple student photographs from the front and back with included testimonials.

Photography of a College History Class »

This assignment required that I take photographs of a local community college history class in session. The College plans on spotlighting the professor in a number of human interest stories and profile snap shots within the coming months, so I was asked to obtain some photographs to accompany the story.

Photography for a Men’s College Soccer Game (Fall 2009) »

Photographs I took for a local community college’s men’s soccer team. These photographs were taken during the soccer teams first home game of the season in September 2009.

Logo Design for Student Fundraising Campaign »

A logo design created for a local Phi Theta Kappa chapter (PTK student honor society) at a nearby community college to be used in their fundraising campaign entitled “Your Change Can Change Lives”.

Publication Design – Educational Center Brochure »

An eight-page booklet (with a business reply card) that I designed to help promote an educational center in Luray, Virginia. The mailer’s goal was to raise awareness of the educational center to those residing in the surrounding counties of Luray, Virginia.

Photography – 2009 Commencement / Graduation Ceremonies Photo Shoot »

Photographs taken during two Commencement (graduation) ceremonies in Middletown and Warrenton, Virginia. Over 1,100 photographs were taken over the two-day span which were processed down into 400 or so album-worthy images.

Publication Design – College Transfer Brochure »

A four-panel, full color direct mail piece that I designed for my full-time employer (a community college in Northern Virginia). The mailer’s goal is to promote the College’s agreement with many four-year universities that allows students to easily transfer credits earned at the community college.