Virginia Community College Association (VCCA) 2009 Excellence in Communications Awards »

Aaron Riddle, LFCC’s print and Web communication manager, won first place in the category of Course Catalogs and Schedules for the design of the spring 2009 Workforce Solutions catalog, “Partners in Your Success.” Riddle also earned first place in the category of 3D Objects for a megaphone designed using the theme of “Then and Now.” The megaphone was produced in-house for use during a special legislative visit.

Logo Design for Footprints of the Mind, LLC »

The logo design process and final result for Footprints of the Mind, LLC, a business helping to create a safe place on the internet for little children and their parents.

How to Ensure Your Publication Will Mail Correctly – Mailpiece Design Analysts »

When designing many of the direct mail pieces that I do for my clients, one way to ensure certain trouble is not being aware of the many regulations put in place by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Fortunately there is a valuable face-to-face resource that I use which is offered for FREE by the USPS . . . the Mailpiece Design Analyst!