Wedding Photography – Ben and Rachel in Harrisonburg, VA »

Photography of Ben and Rachel’s wedding at a farm in Harrisonburg, VA during August 2011.

Wedding Photography – A Wedding with a First Look in Harrisonburg, VA »

Photographs of Tristian and Heather’s Wedding in Harrisonburg, VA taken during July 2011.

Wedding Photography – Shaun and Stephanie in Harrisonburg, VA »

Photography of Shaun and Stephanie’s wedding in Harrisonburg, Virginia during February 2011.

Wedding Photography – Frank and Katie in Harrisonburg, VA »

Wedding photographs taken in Harrisonburg, Virginia in and around James Madison University of Frank and Katie during August 2010.

Wedding Photography – Ryan and Isabelle at The Joshua Wilton House, Harrisonburg, Virginia »

Wedding photographs taken at the Joshua Wilton House in Harrisonburg, Virginia of the marriage ceremony of Ryan (enlisted in the Air Force) and Isabelle in July 2010.