Nature Photography – In Bloom 2013 »

Photograph of an in bloom ornamental cherry tree in Middletown, VA (April 2013).

Nature Photography – Great White Egret in Chincoteague, VA »

Photograph of a great white egret taking flight in Chincoteague, VA (January 2013).

Landscape Photography – Glad I Have Eyes Sunrise »

Sunrise photograph taken in Winchester, Virginia during August 2012.

Landscape Photography – Bright Blue Virginia Sky »

Photograph I snapped of the blue sky in Virginia on a sunny April 2012 afternoon.

Nature Photography – Web of Dew »

A photograph of a dew-covered spider web taken in Winchester, VA.

The Rite of Spring 2012 »

Photographs of plant life and structures around the area prior to the beginning of spring 2012.

Landscape Photography – Great Falls National Park in McLean, VA »

Photographs of Great Falls National Park in McLean, VA during November 2011.

Nature Photography – Praying Mantis in Winchester, VA »

Photographs of a praying mantis taken in Winchester, VA during September 2011.