Engagement Photography – Stephen and Laura at Sugarloaf Mountain Park »

Engagement photographs of Stephen and Laura taken at Sugarloaf Mountain Park.

Engagement Photography – Tyler and Mandy in Nokesville, VA »

Engagement photographs taken in Nokesville, VA at family property with Tyler and Mandy (November 2013).

Engagement Photography – Matt and Leah in Old Town Winchester, VA »

Engagement photographs of Matt and Leah in Old Town Winchester, VA and Jim Barnett Park taken during August 2011.

Wedding Photography – Jeremy and Elizabeth at Capon Springs, WV »

Photographs of Jeremy and Elizabeth’s wedding and reception at Capon Springs, WV during May 2011.

Family Portrait Photography – A Family of Four at Jim Barnett Park »

Family portrait photography of a family of four at Jim Barnett Park in Winchester, VA during late October 2010.

Wedding Photography – A Weekend of Fun in Capon Springs, WV »

Photography of fun-filled wedding activities (softball, golf, fishing and a race) held at Capon Springs, WV for guests leading up the ceremony.