J is for Joharv the Cat – ABCs of Photograph »

Photographs of a bengal cat named Joharv taken for the letter J as part of a 26 week ABCs of photography project.

Security Guard at a Virginia Community College »

Photograph of a security guard assisting students at a community college.

Family Portrait Photography – Collegeman Family in Winchester, Virginia »

Family portrait photographs of the Collegeman family in Winchester, VA featuring husband, wife and four-month-old baby.

Event Photography – Mobile DJ Blacklight Party in Romney, West Virginia »

Photographs taken for a mobile DJ service at a blacklight birthday and dance party held in Romney, West Virginia.

Family Portrait Photography – Kroner Family in Kingsville, MD »

Family portrait photographs of the Kroner family in Kingsville, Maryland taken with my portable lighting and backdrop kit.

Engagement Photography – Ayron and Alana, Capon Springs, WV »

An engagement photography session with Ayron and Alana held at Capon Springs, West Virginia in December 2009.

ABCs of Photography – I is for Invertebrate (Hermit Crabs) »

Photographs taken of hermit crabs (invertebrates) representing the letter “i” for my ABCs of photography project.

Photographs of the Blizzard of 2009 »

Photographs taken of the blizzard of 2009 in Winchester, Virginia. Over 20″ of snow fell on December 19, 2009 which resulted in some fantastic landscape pictures.