From the Sketchbook – Facebook. No, Literally! »

A sketch / cartoon drawing from my sketchbook illustration my literal interpretation of the term “facebook”.

From the Sketchbook: Baghead Sports Jersey Guy Cartoon »

This sketch was spurred initially by the football fans that wear bags on their heads when their teams are horrible (Saints fans, I’m looking at you). That is where the bag head and sports jersey portion of the sketch originates from. I wanted to put something in the character’s hand, and the broom was the first thing that came to mind.

From the Sketchbook – Angry Twitter Bird »

There seems to be a lot of ranting and venting that goes on via Twitter. I know I see many-a-tweet from those I follow ranting about computer problems, political issues and everyday annoyances. This sketch of a twitter bird reflects that mindset when rant-a-tweeting (new term!).

From the Sketchbook – Sleepless Haunted Owl »

It was raining outside and for some reason I was having thoughts of Halloween and haunted landscape scenery, which explains the backdrop here. The owl character popped into my head out of nowhere, and it really reminds me of a rejected McDonalds fry kid / fry guy.

From the Sketchbook – Roller Skating Robot Terror »

I have been doing a lot of “clean line sketches” as of late, hence the reason I decide to go ahead and colorize them. This guy reminds me of a robot you might see on The Jetsons gone hay-wire.

From the Sketchbook – Tribal Thorn Cross »

Sketchbook Entry – A sketch of a tribal thorn cross I did while traveling in a SUV to Richmond, Va.

From the Sketchbook – A New Blog Category »

I am adding a new category to my blog entitled “From the Sketchbook”. In this category I will post scans of sketches and/or doodles I have done with a small description of what I was doing at the time (as well as my thought process). I hope this will give you some insight into my sketchbook, and perhaps inspire you to pick up a pen and start doodling too!