Engagement Photography – Ryan and Lindsay at the University of Virginia »

Engagement photographs of Ryan and Lindsay taken at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA (May 2012).

2010-11 Community College Catalog Cover Design »

Design of a 2010-11 Community College Catalog Cover featuring multiple student photographs from the front and back with included testimonials.

College Professor and Students in the Library »

A college professor discusses leadership education and style with two of her students.

Security Guard at a Virginia Community College »

Photograph of a security guard assisting students at a community college.

Photographs of a College Student Talent Performance »

Photographs taken an a local community college talent show featuring students. Performers included a hula hoop dancer, a singer/guitarist, a comedic performance by a pretend married couple and a singer/pianist who played a self-composed piece.

Photography of a College History Class »

This assignment required that I take photographs of a local community college history class in session. The College plans on spotlighting the professor in a number of human interest stories and profile snap shots within the coming months, so I was asked to obtain some photographs to accompany the story.

Logo Design for Student Fundraising Campaign »

A logo design created for a local Phi Theta Kappa chapter (PTK student honor society) at a nearby community college to be used in their fundraising campaign entitled “Your Change Can Change Lives”.

Photography – 2009 Commencement / Graduation Ceremonies Photo Shoot »

Photographs taken during two Commencement (graduation) ceremonies in Middletown and Warrenton, Virginia. Over 1,100 photographs were taken over the two-day span which were processed down into 400 or so album-worthy images.